Anniversary, 10th mozart100 by UTMB®: Like an excellent red wine that improves as the years go by!

Από 24 Ιουν 2022
Photo copyright: Mozart100 by UTMB Photo copyright: Mozart100 by UTMB

I would like mozart100 by UTMB® be included in the list of thousand things you need to do before you die”, said Josef Mayerhofer, head of the race organization, in his interview with Advendure, shortly before this year's tenth anniversary event. We, in turn, would say to our friend Josef that he is now not far from his goal! Regarding the gorgeous Salzburg and the beauty of Austria we don't need to say much since it is well known, but for the race we clearly have to point out that it is very much upgraded at all levels, it is constantly improving and growing without sacrificing quality even in the slightest, while the enthusiasm and passion of the organizers remains high and this is reflected in the athletes participating. In top of that comes the participation - from this year on - in the UTMB® World Series, with all that this implies.


I'll start my article on this year's race with a couple of things concerning the organization's partners. The classic dinner of the partners, Ironman® & UTMB® people, leading persons of the Salzburger Land tourism sector and elite athletes, was held in Salzburg's well-established and historic restaurant-beerhouse, the Stieglkeller, where the famous Stiegl beer has been produced since the middle of the 15th century. This dinner, as well as the press conference the following morning at the all-day restaurant m32 at the top of the Mönchsberg hill with the stunning view of the city of Salzburg, was an opportunity to exchange views and ideas with people of the mountain running community from all over the world, to have interviews with great athletes and why not, an opportunity through the discussion, to give information about mountain running and races in our country, as it was done. And how beautiful was what Josef said, that 10 years ago there were only 18 people present in the dinner, but now there are dozens, from the whole spectrum of the mountain running community and from many nations worldwide.


Dinner and press conference at Stieglkeller and m32


"The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between," is one of Mozart famous quotes, and if we consider as notes all that surrounds a race and silence the lonely moments of struggling with oneself when running the race and the beauty of the trails we run, at Mozart100 by UTMB® the "silence between the notes" is certainly emblematic. This year, I chose to try the Mozart Marathon race, as we had already run the longer ones in the past as Advendure (2017 - 2018).


The starting area of Mozart100 marathon race in St. Gilgen

Right from the start of the race from the picturesque and beautiful St. Gilgen village on the shores of Lake Wolfgangsee, you admire the beauty of the landscape and the calmness of the water and the nature around it. Highlights are the lakes on the route and especially the run on the trails around the Fuschlsee, the lush forests and meadows, but also the great views at some points, either going up and out of St. Gilgen, or at the top of the Nockstein and Kapuzinerberg. Of course within that we have to include the last kilometer inside the beautiful Salzburg and its historic center.

Marathon race start at Sg. Gilgen - Photo copyright: Mozart100 by UTMB


The marathon route is one of those that fools you with its elements and you think it is easy, with its about +1,600m of positive altitude, but it turns out to be tough, especially in the very technical ascent and descent on the paths of the Nockstein mountain with its roots, rocks and very rough terrain of steep downhills & uphills and of course in the ascent of the famous 632 steps to the Kapuzinerberg hill, just 2 Kms before the finish line. The route has everything. Dirt roads that is perfect for a fast run or a rest break from the climbs/descents, asphalt roads crossing through stunning forests and landscapes, smooth and very technical trails, dry ground but also muddy terrain despite the high temperature of the race day. At this point we have to emphasize that the heat that reached 30+ degrees Celsius at noon was unbearable and made the athletes' efforts much more difficult. Even for the Greek ones!


Since we participate in the race from 2017 we have noticed some issues, which indicate excellent quality and passion. So, although the event is growing rapidly at all levels, reaching 2,600 athletes from 60 countries this year and organizationally now belongs to the UTMB®World Series, the facilities at the aid stations and after the finish for athletes' rehabilitation not only do not decrease, but get better year after year. To these we would add the amazing finisher medal which is one of the best we have seen, and the free frame - pictures with each athlete finishing the race,  which is a truly original gift. We wouldn't say the same for the race pack, which essentially only contains the bib number. Everything is also at a top level regarding the registration and the information on the event website, shuttle buses to the starting points of races and all those things we call the logistics of the event. Finally, it is worth mentioning the insurance that offered by the organization with a very small amount of money during registration, but also the Finisher - Assurance®, with which - again with a very small amount of money - the athlete ensures his free participation in the next year's race, if he DNF in the race having covered more than 50% of the race route. Both theoretically seem as small details but they make a huge difference in a bad moment that can arise in ultra - trail races.


Photo copyright: Mozart100 by UTMB


The second point has to do with Salzburg's participation in the race. If we go back a few years, we had noticed the low participation of the people of the area. We were very happy to see that this has now changed a lot and people are participating and encouraging the athletes' efforts, and there is much more help in terms of volunteers. I vividly remember the family with their own aid station outside their house on the edge of a meadow and the cool water they provided at a very difficult part of the course due to the extreme heat.


Photo copyright: Mozart100 by UTMB


The closing & awards ceremony is a special chapter on its own, that shows how well the organizers combine professionalism and fun. Unlike most races, almost everyone who has finished by Saturday afternoon is present. And this is not only to honor the race organizers and the winners, but also because there is amazing rhythm and music with a DJ who knows how to create an atmosphere, plenty of beer, street food stalls with delicacies and lots of fun. That is what brings together the community of athletes who have come from all over the world, not only to run, but also to have a great weekend.


Photo copyrigt: Brigit Kramer


On the racing side, and despite the intense heat, we experienced great competition, and amazing performances that emphatically broke the course records in some of the 9 races of Mozart100 by UTMB®. Of course it was expected with more elite athletes than ever before participated this year.


Mozart100 (105K, +/- 5,000m): The winner was Germany's Janosch Kowalczuk, who started at the edge of the top ten position, gradually gained ground and came out on top towards the last kilometers of the race, winning with a time of 9.36.09.  Second place went to Spain's Andreu Simon Aymerich, who was in the top three for almost the entire race to finish in 09.44.59. We will soon publish an interview with Andreu who, apart from being an excellent athlete, manages to be at the top level despite being diabetic. He even expressed to us his desire to run in a Greek race, maybe this summer. The third place on the podium belongs also to a German athlete, with Benedikt Hoffmann finishing in 09.53.01. The women's race was won by the big favorite, Spain's Azara Garcia de Los, who was back in action after a long-standing knee problem. She won the race with a time of 12.00.28, and even finished 27th in the overall ranking. Teresa Nimes, also from Spain, was on the second place of the podium with a time of 12.46.47, while Sweden's Jenny Joseffson finished in third place with a time of 13.28.48.


Photo copyrigt: Brigit Kramer


Mozart Ultra (75K, +/- 4,000m): The men's podium positions were a British and German affair, with Harry Jones winning the race with a time of 07.08.42, George Foster in second place with a time of 07.14.31 and Max Kirchbaum third with 07.46.56. In the women's race, Spain's Marta Molist easily won finishing at 08.11.39, Germany's Susanne Zahlauer was second in 09.51.25 and very close to her in third position was Sweden's Sofia Smedman in 9.52.10.


Mozart Marathon (41K, +1.800m / -1.900m): Tobias Baggenstos of Switzerland won the marathon with a time of 03.06.10, with Austrian Lucas Vasold second in 03.24.42 and German Christoph Hillebrand third in 03.26.28. Hungary's Iren Tiricz won the women's race in 03.38.59, with Austria's Anita Eckerstorfer second in 03.50.38 and Turkey's Aysel Yalac third in 03.55.48.


Photo copyright: Mozart100 by UTMB


The overall results from all nine races of the event can be found here.


Several Greek athletes also participated in this year's anniversary event with the following results:


Mozart100 (105 km, +/- 5.000 m):

- Dimitrios Ziagkalos - 18.59.49

- Angela Terzi - 20.24.54

- Marousa Fikia - DNF

Mozart Ultra (75 km, +/- 4.000 m):

- Vasiliki Karpouza - 18.11.54

- Nikos Zanas - DNF

Mozart Marathon (41 km, + 1.800/- 1.900 m):

- Dimitrios Troupis - 05.16.58

Mozart Half Marathon (21 km, + 750 m/- 1.000 m)

- Dimitrios Patsalis - 03.30.17


Photo copyrigt: Brigit Kramer


Closing this year's Advendure tribute to the 10th Mozart100 by UTMB®, let's give the floor to the head of the event, Josef Mayerhofer, to express his impressions a few days after the race: "It was a very special moment when the last athlete crossed the finish line at 3 am on Sunday morning. Although it has been very hot, we had a finisher rate of 80% in the 105 km race, 90% in the 75k and nearly 100% in all other races. In addition no severe incidents or injuries were reported. Ten years before we launched the first edition of mozart 100. I had the vision to develop the race to a top international standard. With IRONMAN Group as a new and strong owner we are striving to boost the quantity of participants and the quality of our services"


Dimitrios Troupis

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