The 2018 Ultra-Trail® World champion strikes again

08 Σεπ 2019

UTMB® Week is definitely the most intense week of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour, with 3 races in total including one of the two Bonus Series of the year, and probably the biggest athletes gathering that we can see...


He was expected, he did not disappoint!
The 2018 UTWT champion who has already won 3 races including a Bonus Series in 2019 was at the start of the UTMB® this year, with huge expectations... But that did not stop him! Indeed, by winning the 2019 edition of the UTMB®, Pau Capell has now the first place in the UTWT 2019 ranking! At his side, Xavier Thévenard, already three-time champion of the race, who was expected this year to become the first to win 4 editions could not keep up the pace, but he fought till the end, ending in second place after Pau. In third place, New Zealand Scott Hawker, completes the podium!

Men podium
Pau Capell : 20:19:07
Xavier Thévenard : 21:07:56
Scott Hawker : 21:48:04

Queen Courtney
Champion of Tarawera and MIUT 2019, Courtney was also eagerly awaited on UTMB® 2019!

She quickly dominated the women's race to finish 1 hour ahead of the second and win the race by finishing 21st of the scratch! Swedish Kristin Berglund is in second place ahead of the Spanish, Maite Maiora, who completes the podium.

Women's podium
Courtney DAUWALTER : 24:34:26
Kristin BERGLUND : 25:34:12
Maite MAIORA ELIZONDO : 25:41:30


It is also a Spanish who wins the TDS®, creating the surprise! Pablo Villa is the first champion of this new extended version of the TDS® (145 km and 9100 D +), with only 13 minutes ahead of the Russian Dmitry Mityaev! The French Ludovic Pommeret finishes in 3rd position, after a nice comeback on the end of the race.

Men's podium
Pablo VILLA GONZÁLEZ : 18:03:06
Dmitry MITYAEV : 18:16:16
Ludovic POMMERET : 18:37:13

Back to back champion for the French Audrey Tanguy who keeps her title on this TDS 2019 by winning with 16 minutes in advance, after a tight race with the American Hillary Allen! It is about 2 hours later that the third, Swiss, Kathrin Götz arrives.

Women's Podium
Audrey TANGUY : 21:36:15
Hillary ALLEN : 21:52:46
Kathrin GÖTZ : 23:46:37



Third and final race, the CCC®, which, for men, is also won by a Spanish!

The trio men will arrive in the same fifteen minutes, with a beautiful battle between the three men!

Men's podium
Luis Alberto HERNANDO ALZAGA : 10:28:49
Thibaut GARRIVIER : 10:39:01
Jiří ČÍPA : 10:45:37

For women, the race was also tight, with a podium coming in with a gap of 23 minutes between the first and the third.

Ragna Debats eventually wins in 12:10:33, just ahead of the American Amanda Basham and the French Camille Bruyas.

Women's Podium
Ragna DEBATS : 12:10:33
Amanda BASHAM : 12:27:06
Camille BRUYAS : 12:34:26

Volvic's chalet

We had the pleasure this year to share our UTMB® chalet with our official partner Volvic.

Visitors and runners were able to come to refresh themselves: distribution of 75CL sport bottle and Volvic drink tasting were on the program with the possibility to recycle these bottles thanks to the Lemon sorting device.

For each recycled bottle were many prizes to win including Volvic's official ambassador Kilian Jornet’s watch and race kit.

The emblematic Volvic Volcanic Experience race was also present to allow people to discover its beautiful Auvergne landscapes and the uniqueness of its project!
This was an opportunity for the brand to meet athletes, families and nature lovers from around the world and live exceptional moments of sharing and authenticity.


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